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Marcel's help facility provides reference information on all aspects of marcel: concepts, operators, and objects. Running help provides top-level usage information, and an initial list of topics. Running help TOPIC  provides help on the given topic.


M 0.18.3 jao@loon ~$ help configuration

Marcel is configured and customized by running the startup script
This script is typically located in the directory ~/.config/marcel, but may be in
a different location, specified by the environment variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

In this script, you can customize the prompt, output colorization, remote host
configuration, as well as defining any other symbols you would like to have
available. As usual, these symbols can be defined by imports, by assigning
variables, and by defining functions and classes.

These symbols exist in an ordinary Python namespace, the marcel namespace. This
namespace is used when evaluating functions, (such as are used in conjunction
with the map and select operators). Variables in the marcel namespace are
equivalent to environment variables in other shells. So, for example, the USER
and PWD variables are present in the marcel namespace, and identify the current
user and current directory, respectively.

Further information can be obtained by running help on the following topics:

  - color: Customizing the color scheme.
  - prompt: Customizing the prompt.
  - namespace: Adding symbols to the marcel namespace.
  - remote: Configuring remote access.
  - startup: Running scripts on startup.


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